Looking for affordable, high-quality technology? You’ve come to the right place! We specialize in refurbished laptop and desktop computers, internet solutions, and tech accessories at unbeatable prices for customers who meet our income guidelines. We are the only nonprofit Microsoft-authorized refurbisher in the U.S. By purchasing from us, you'll save money and support our mission to bridge the digital divide and ensure everyone has access to the technology they need to succeed.

Microsoft Registered Refurbisher
Lifetime Customer Support
Shipping Included for Orders Within Contiguous U.S.
30-Day Computer Return Policy
One-Year Computer Hardware Warranty

Computers Distributed

People Impacted

Tons of Electronics Reused

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Creating a more connected and equitable world, one device at a time.

Want to help power our mission? Securely recycle your used technology with PCs for People!

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PCs for People is a national nonprofit social enterprise working to get low-cost quality computers and internet into the homes of individuals, families, and nonprofits with low income. By recycling and then refurbishing computers, PCs for People provides a valuable service to businesses, families, and the planet by keeping computers out of landfills and repurposing them to advance digital inclusion.


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